Build your book and your business at the same time

Are you feeling the PUSH to put your messages on paper? Do you want to show your UNIQUE gifts to a global audience? Do you want to bring your personal growth experience and help hundreds of other people in the world? Do you want your work to get known and build amazing client following for your business?

The SOLUTION is not just a book, but creating an infrastructure around it so it supports the sale of your book, and brings you readers and financial independence.


HOWEVER, the 5 BIG CHALLENGES for healers who want to be authors are:

  • New authors freeze and stumble because they don’t know how to put their information together (too much processing, too little flow)
  • Expectation of what others would think and NO FOCUS on finding and expressing their biggest unique selling point (USP!)
  • Thinking they are not a WRITER! Whereas they are the ones who are getting the messages to be shared with the world!
  • Scared of the PUBLISHING PROCESS - who is going to format, edit, publish and promote their book?
  • Will my book get accepted? Fear of getting known! (Or, the fear of rejection and criticism)

Shift with me into this bigger picture


  • Writing your book in 30 days
  • Attracting and building a following even before the book is out (getting the readers to your book)
  • Using the book to highlight your services and have ideal clients knock on your doors
  • Increase your visibility with a powerful online presence
  • Finally, bringing in effortless revenues through clients who love your work and want to work with you


Too good to be true?

Try our 20-minute consultation and get:


Know your unique selling point and style strength from an editor's viewpoint


See how your book will tie into your business and attract your tribe

A Plan

Start on your book outline immediately, with a schedule for your word count!

"I personally found it more satisfying to grow spiritually stronger at the same time as my business grew."

Jess Beard
Social Media Marketer and Event Promoter

What are you waiting for?


Janet Chui

Janet's passion lies in creative and clear communication in all its forms--art, design, writing, and speaking. With a B.A. in Journalism and her experience in publishing, tourism, education, and customer service, Janet enjoys adapting information to different audiences in various media. Since publishing the Self-Love Oracle, she has been working with holistic and alternative medicine businesses to establish and upgrade their online presence and print marketing.

Ahana Lara

Ahana is a Business Transformation Coach, and Author who helps holistic health and holistic counselling entrepreneurs, wellness coaches, life coaches, energy healers, home business owners , online business owners, authors & creative artists, coaches and trainers create powerful online strategies to get more leads, add new clients, and create online products & programs that generates more revenues & increase their profits.

Daniel Nilon

Role as a Success coach is to take a concept and making it a reality by creating the steps, structure and effective system to implement.
Website creation, digital marketing, social media, email marketing and to combine the online tools with capture leads of targeted traffic back to a product or service.

Julie Ann

Julie is an Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Coach and Author who specialises in teaching Law of Attraction processes to those who are here to make a positive difference on the planet at this time.

Who Are WE ?

ASP (A Simple Path) is a group of individuals with the experience in the different worlds of healing and energy work, as well as branding, online marketing, public speaking, and print publishing.

In each of our respective fields, we know what it’s like to wake up to our higher purpose and to start manifesting the roles and lives we’ve always dreamed of. We know how crazy the learning curve can be!

As more and more individuals are coming into their purpose and embracing their healing and spiritual work, we offer courses and coaching specially for those who feel they need clarity and guidance in building their business.

Our different areas of coaching offered:

  • Setting up a 6-figure holistic business
  • Publishing as part of your marketing plan
  • Online marketing for healers and intuitives
  • Speaking and getting speaking engagements

You can choose between our coaching plans that are tailored to your needs and available time. Individuals who like to "DIY" can do so, while others who need more regular guidance, feedback, and group interaction can opt for more in-depth coaching.

To test-drive us, sign up for a free clarity session valued at $500

And find out what you need to do next to level-up your heart-based business!

In Melbourne?

Please click here for the opportunity to get our $500 Book Business Breakthrough session - FREE - and meet us on 18th and 19th November! Only 10 free slots available!


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